Private Instruction

Private Instruction

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, The Centennial Golf Academy is the place to improve. With 20+ years of experience, Scott is dedicated to helping players of all levels exceed their goals. Teaching methods and fads come and go, but the essential skills have not changed. Scott is committed to helping students understand the steps they need to take to enjoy and play better golf. Scott follows four simple steps in a typical lesson which involves: Four simple steps:

  1. Interview - goal setting
  2. Equipment, physical and ball flight evaluation. Accomplished with state-of-the-art Video Analysis (V1 The #1 Motion Analysis Software in Sport) along with launch monitor numbers.
  3. Coaching and Feedback
  4. Plan to accomplish goals.

1st Step is the interview process. Scott believes this is one of the most critical steps because he is able to understand and obtain a feel for the student’s experience and ability but more importantly the goals of the student.

2nd Step is evaluation and analysis. After watching students hit a few shots, Scott will ask detailed questions about his or her game while capturing the swings on the V1 Swing Video System. After analyzing the student’s swing, he will identify and prioritize the areas that need improvement. An e-mail with the video and analysis can be sent to the student for review at a late time.

3rd and 4th Steps, communication making sure the students understand the need for proper practice to accomplish goals. Students receive a clear and simple understanding on how to practice the drills to improve the one or two flaws identified. With this critical coaching phase, the student leaves with specific drills to use during practice sessions. We hope you can join us!

Lesson Rates Scott Klemme-Director of Instruction
$125.00/Hr. $65.00/ 1/2 Hr.
$65/45 minutes (ages 6-12)
$250 - Playing lesson: (Limited times available)
$500 - Series of 5-1 Hour Lessons
$325 - Series of 6-1/2 Hour Lessons

2 - Students: $150/Hour
3 - Students: $175/Hour
4 - Students: $200/Hour

Club Fitting
Utilizing the latest technology in club fitting from Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway, Scott will work with each student to ensure that the equipment supports the data collected from the student as well as an efficient fundamental motion. We strive to provide the golfer with the proper equipment to maximize their enjoyment and performance in every area of their game: Full Swing: driving, fairway metals, irons, Short Game: wedges or scoring shots, and putting.